Our mission is to improve returns for Phoenix policyholders and deliver value for shareholders. We aim to be recognised as the ‘industry solution’ for the safe, innovative and profitable decommissioning of closed life funds.

The size of our Group means we are able to maximise economies of scale and capital efficiencies through internal fund mergers and other operational improvements. We find innovative ways to improve the performance of funds by responding to the views of our policyholders and by employing highly talented people with particular expertise in closed life funds.

What makes Phoenix different?

  • Because closed funds represent the whole of our business, we are able to focus all our energy and expertise on improving their performance without getting distracted by the need to win new customers.
  • Our highly focused area of specialisation allows us to recruit the very best and most experienced individuals in the field, particularly in niche areas such as with-profits funds.
  • We are a consolidator that is in the closed funds market for the long term. We believe that closed funds will be an issue for decades to come, and policyholders need and deserve a secure, stable solution.
  • We are making substantial investments, for example in IT systems and customer communications initiatives, to ensure we deliver the very best service.
  • We represent the collective interests of closed-fund policyholders.

Listening to our policyholders

Millions of customers trust Phoenix to manage their funds effectively and communicate clearly and honestly with them. To ensure we honour this trust, we have created a wide-ranging programme of customer research to solicit and respond to policyholders’ views.

Our rolling programme of telephone and face-to-face surveys by independent research companies ensures we are in touch with customer needs. The findings help us continually refine our customer proposition.

What motivates me is that I work for a group that genuinely cares about making a difference for customers. Phoenix is determined to set standards for the industry, for example in areas such as finding ‘missing’ policyholders.
Susan McInnes, Customer Director

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