A commitment to behaving responsibly

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At Phoenix Group we are committed to managing our business in a responsible manner, taking seriously the impact we have on our employees, our stakeholders, the communities in which we operate and the wider environment.  We believe that operating responsibly creates value for our business through building the trust and confidence of our stakeholders.

Five new goals for Corporate Responsibility have been launched across all sites, promoting the areas the Group is focused on, now and in the future.  The goals were the outcome of brainstorming sessions with members of the CR Working Groups and input from our Corporate Advisor at Business in the Community.  The goals were then signed off by our CR Steering Group.

Corporate Responsibility ('CR') is sponsored at the highest level by the Group Chief Executive Officer.  A 'CR Steering Group', including two Executive Committee members, meets quarterly to discuss CR activity from across the Group.  Monthly members of staff form the CR Working Groups, and meet to discuss the Goals and action plans for the CR programme. All staff can access the Group's CR Policy and accompanying Code of Business Ethics and Ethical Conduct, and complete annual refresher training in this regard.

New Log 2015CR is categorised and reported in four areas: Environment, Workplace, Community and External Stakeholders, similar categorisation to that used by Business in the Community ('BITC'). The Group has continued its membership with BITC, and values the support and resources it makes available. The Group completed the Responsible Business Check-up in 2011 and 2012 and the fuller CR Index in 2014, achieving 75% (1.5 stars), demonstrating the successes achieved on the CR Programme.

Please view our Corporate Responsibility Report which details what we achieved last year.  This section of our website will be updated throughout the year, to detail CR activity within the Group as it takes place, rather than you having to wait for the next annual report production. 

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