What we've achieved

December 2016 - Table Tennis Coaching

Following the introduction of table-tennis onsite at Wythall, a 7-week trial of table-tennis coaching was arranged in conjunction with Table Tennis England.  Staff welcomed the opportunity to develop their skills and are keen for this initiative to continue into 2017.

December 2016 - Worcestershire Works Well - Level 2

Phoenix Group achieved Worcestershire Works Well Level 2 accreditation. 

This is an accreditation scheme designed to support businesses based in Worcestershire in improving the health and wellbeing of their employees.  This particular accreditation process related to the facilities and benefits offered at our Wythall site.


Accreditations such as this and inclusion in ‘Britain’s Top Employers’ listing help promote Phoenix as a great place to work, where staff wellbeing matters.


In the same month, the Group was also awarded 'highly commended' in the Worcestershire Works Well 'Outstanding Achievement Award', for its wellbeing programme and achievements over the previous year.



November 2016 - Know your Numbers

Staff at all sites were given the opportunity to have an onsite DIY health check to help them understand their numbers:

The health check included


- Body Fat %

- Fat Mass

- Total Body Water

- Body Water %

- Basal Metabolic Rate

- Visceral Fat Rating

- Blood Pressure

The Group works with New Leaf Health to provide testing facilities on a six monthly basis.


November 2016 - Flu vaccinations

Staff at all sites were offered the opportunity to receive an annual flu vaccination onsite at Wythall or a voucher to redeem in high street pharmacies.  190 members of staff took advantage of this wellbeing intervention, helping to protect themselves from seasonal flu.

September 2016 - Outdoor Bike Rack

A new outdoor bike rack was installed at the Wythall site, increasing the number of parking bays available for staff wishing to cycle to work. The installation was in readiness for 'Cycle to Work Day' which the Group supported. 

September 2016 - H2O Water Challenge

Staff across all sites participated in a H20 Water Challenge, supporting the physical, mental and financial elements of our Corporate Responsibility Programme. 


Staff were encouraged to share any health benefits or achievements they encountered over the week-long challenge.


Physical Wellbeing: Water helps to maximise your physical performance.  It is recommended that we drink at least 6-8 glasses of water every day.  Good hydration assists with the management of diabetes; reduces constipation, urinary tract infections and incontinence; improves oral health and the appearance of skin. 


Mental Wellbeing: Drinking water improves your state of mind.  Mild dehydration has been shown to have a negative impact on mood and concentration. It can also help reduce the onset of headache.


Financial Wellbeing : Water coolers are freely available to all staff onsite, but we also donated 50% of the price of bottled water at Wythall to our charity partners - Midlands Air Ambulance Charity and London’s Air Ambulance, for the duration of the challenge.



July 2016 - National Table Tennis Day

Staff at the Wythall site supported National Table Tennis Day.  Four tables were introduced at the start of the year, and have now become a regular lunchtime feature. To encourage new players on the day, taster sessions were set up.   


May 2016 - Wythall's site restaurant achieves Healthy Choices Food Award

Our Wythall site, which is home to 600 members of staff achieved Worcestershire's top award for healthier and locally sourced menus. Phoenix Group is the first company restaurant to have been awarded this 'Gold' standard accreditation.


The assessor noted that the Group met all the criteria of the award and go above and beyond in certain areas!


They were particularly impressed with the large salad bar, availability of chicken and fish options, healthy vending machine lines, and the array of fresh fruit and natural yoghurt.  In addition they valued the Group's approach to portion control and food waste management, and were pleased that ingredients are sourced from suppliers in the local county – all highlighting our approach to sustainability.


Read more in Worcestershire Regulatory Services press release.

May 2016 - Dementia Friends

During Dementia Awareness Week, members of staff at our Wythall office attended Dementia Friend Training onsite.

Dementia Friends learn a little bit more about what it's like to live with dementia and then turn that understanding into action. 

Read more on the Dementia Friend website.



May 2016 - Know Your Numbers

Staff at our Wythall and London sites were given the opportunity to have an onsite health check to help them understand their numbers - such as BMI, height, weight, and body fat percentage. The Group worked in partnership with New Leaf Health. By having a DIY machine onsite every six months, staff are able to keep track of their numbers and better understand how simple lifestyle changes can improve their health.

March 2016 - Mental Health Awareness

We held an event onsite at Wythall in conjunction with Birmingham Mind.  Representatives provided staff with an opportunity to talk about their mental wellbeing, and pick up information around stress management and ways to manage anxiety.

Staff also got the opportunity to attend a taster session in mindfulness, designed to boost mental wellbeing.

The Group provided Birmingham Mind with a charitable donation for their participation in the event.

Phoenix Group signed up to the 'Time to Change' pledge in 2014 - visit their website to find out more.


March 2016 - National Salt Week

We promoted National Salt Week to staff.

Did you know….the daily recommended intake of salt in the UK is only 6 grams a day; however the average person consumes much more, sometimes without even knowing.


In our onsite restaurant, we provided a hot main course option throughout the week, with 'no added salt'. 


Read more about National Salt Week on their website.

February 2016 - Top Employer Listing

The Group has for the 5th year been included in 'Top Employer' listing. This is a certification awarded only to organisations that meet the highest standards in Human Resources policy benchmarking. Companies awarded this accreditation are independently recognised as being amongst the best companies to work for in the UK.

Read more on Top Employers' website.

February 2016 - Dementia Friends

Following the launch of Dementia Friend training onsite in 2015, several members of staff took the opportunity to be trained in our February campaign.

Dementia Friends learn a little bit more about what it's like to live with dementia and then turn that understanding into action. 

Read more on the Dementia Friend website.

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