Our workplace values, which were developed with our employees and carry the full support of the Board, reflect our key strategic objective to attract, develop and retain the best talent – essential to the long-term success of our business. All employees within Phoenix Group and Life have a Performance Development Plan agreed at the start of the year, which requires them to demonstrate a clear understanding of the importance of the values to the business and others around them.

One team, One vision

We work together towards a clearly defined strategy, with strong leadership across the Group. We work in partnership with each other and with our outsourcers.

Trust and Empower

We are proud to work with each other. We are trusted and empowered to work within agreed boundaries and are not afraid of making mistakes. We believe in fairness.

Create the space to grow

We create the space for people to grow, and proactively support career growth. We make full use of the diverse strengths we have across the Group, and recognise, value and learn from each others’ contribution, celebrating success along the way.

Take Personal responsibility

We each take personal responsibility for the organisation’s success. We consider the impact of our actions and the implications of decisions for our people, our customers and our shareholders.

Feedback and challenge

We challenge one another to find new and improved ways to work. We use feedback and challenge to build and improve our business for the future. We involve the right people when we make decisions and we listen to each others views.

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