Phoenix Flex is our approach to flexible working, offering everyone the best possible experience and balance between work and personal lives

Encouraging and celebrating flexibility

The Phoenix Flex policy looks across all aspects of flexibility; when you work, how you work and where you work.

We value people over places. We prize performance over hours spent. We’re dedicated to supporting you to be at your best and will help you to design your working week. All jobs are advertised as flexible and Phoenix Flex helps us to achieve our ambition to be the best place that any of us have ever worked. 

With 7,800 colleagues, it's not a one size fits all. Our customer and business needs are at the heart of what we're about, but we know these can be met in a number of different ways. Flexible working is a core part of our employee offering and it's advertised as standard on all our job adverts, including being open to part-time and job share arrangements. And we'll continue to develop this further. 

A way of working that works

Looking at where you work, we're a hybrid organisation. Most colleagues work a mix of days at home and in the office. 

In terms of when you work, we have colleagues working a variety of hours and patterns, and many more taking advantage of informal flexibility when needed. Your working arrangements can be discussed ahead of you joining, and throughout your employment here. 

How we work, looks at how our policies, IT and ways of working are in place to support maximum flexibility. When you start, we'll provide you with a great set up that allows you to perform at your best.

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Making sure you can switch off

Working from home offers fantastic flexibility for colleagues. But the blurring of your working and personal spaces might lead some people to feel like they're 'always on.' That's why we've published our Right to Disconnect policy. 

This policy formalises your right to set boundaries. No more being online outside of working hours. No more responding to emails on holiday. No more monitoring IMs when you're off the clock. There may be exceptions, but these will always be by prior agreement and will never be the norm. 

Hear from our team

Andrew's story

Andrew works a 4 day week so he can spend an extra day with his daughter Corinne. 

Collette's story

Collette works condensed hours, giving her an extra day to focus on her wellbeing and keep up with life admin. 

Claire's story

Claire works a 7 day fortnight and takes advantage of informal flexibility so she can always be there for school drop off and pick up.