Reducing the environmental impact of our operations

As a large employer we have a responsibility to lead by example, reducing our negative impact on the environment and promoting positive action to address key environmental challenges.

We are focusing on four key areas:

  • Our net zero commitment – We are committed to addressing climate change and limiting global warming to 1.5°C. Our operations will be Net Zero by 2025.
  • Waste and recycling – We will implement sustainable waste management practices including the removal of all single use plastics from our operations by 2030.
  • Conservation - We are committed to supporting conservation in our communities.
  • Employee engagement – We will support colleague understanding of environmental issues and promote engagement in environmental action.

Our net zero commitment

As the UK’s largest long-term savings and retirement business, we recognise our responsibility to tackle climate change. By taking the right actions to reduce emissions, we believe we can help our customers maximise their investment opportunities while managing the risks of climate change.

Our net zero targets

  • By 2025 - We will reduce the carbon intensity of our listed equity and credit assets by 25% where we exercise influence and control
  • By 2030 - We will cut the carbon intensity of all assets where we can exercise control and influence by at least 50%
  • By 2050 - We are committed to achieving net zero in our investment portfolio
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Our Environmental Policy

The Group is committed to reducing its environmental impact and looks for ways to improve environmental performance. Read our Environmental Policy for our full list of focus areas.

* The scope for this target which will be set using science-based techniques is scope 1 and 2 emissions from our occupied premises and scope 3 emissions from business travel. Our focus will be on emissions reductions with any remaining emissions compensated by the use of certified GHG removal projects.