Phoenix Insights

For better longer lives

People are living for longer.

But longer lives are not yet always better lives.
We want to change this.
Phoenix Insights is a new think tank set up to transform the way society responds to the possibilities of longer lives.
We will use research to lead fresh debate, prompt a national conversation, and inspire the action needed to make better longer lives a reality for all of us.

Our areas of focus

This diagram sets out our areas of focus. The core of our work will look at financial security, work, and learning and skills, but we will also look at health and care, and homes and communities. Reimagining longer lives means making changes in all these areas. Some of our work will focus on the experiences of specific groups who face significant challenges. We also want to ensure that the ideas and solutions we advocate for contribute to a sustainable future for people and the planet. At the heart of all our work, we are committed to reducing inequalities and building a society that enables all of us, not just the fortunate few, to live better longer lives.

Phoenix Insights Strategic Diagram V8 934X538px

Our core activities

Public engagement

We want to encourage people across the UK to challenge their assumptions and reimagine their own futures. We want to help people take new decisions to shape their lives differently, whether that be about money, work, health and caring or the place they live. We will go beyond the usual confines of policy debate to create a national conversation.

Research and analysis

We use high-quality research and analysis to develop ideas, policies and practical actions that will make a difference. We’ll develop a clear vision of what better longer lives look like, analyse the barriers to change and propose the solutions to improve longer lives for all of us and narrow the gap between the advantaged and the disadvantaged.