We want to help shape a better future; delivering good outcomes for our customers, helping to deliver a net zero economy by 2050 and understanding our impact and dependency on nature.

Net Zero Transition Plan

As a purpose-led organisation we believe that we have a responsibility to help address the climate emergency.

We want to deliver good outcomes for our customers whilst playing our part in delivering a net zero economy by 2050, and our actions are either directly or indirectly aligned with this goal. The primary driver for our actions is either to reduce customers’ exposure to climate-related risk and/or help them take advantage of the opportunities presented by the net zero transition.

Invest: Decarbonising our investments

We are decarbonising our investment portfolio, working with investees and asset managers to drive down emissions through the effective stewardship of our assets, and investing in the growing companies and sectors of the future.           

Engage: Collaborating to drive change

We want to use our insight and knowledge to lead the debate on key climate-related challenges. This includes working with government, non-governmental organisations and across our industry and the economy to remove the barriers to net zero investment and define best practice.

Lead: In our operations and supply chain

We are decarbonising our operations and supply chain. To achieve our goals we are investing in low carbon technologies across our offices, and working with suppliers that support our climate ambition.

By 2025

We will reduce the carbon intensity of our listed equity and credit assets by 25% where we can exercise control and influence

By 2030

We will cut the carbon intensity of all assets where we can exercise control and influence by at least 50%

By 2050

We are committed to achieving net zero across our entire business

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Nature is being rapidly degraded by human activity, through changes in land and ocean use, over-exploitation of natural resources, climate change, water and air pollution, as well as the introduction of invasive species. We believe we have a critical role to play and are committed to understanding our impact and dependency on nature. We have outlined our intentions and position in our Statement on Nature.

Climate change

Our climate ambition is to optimise value for our customers and play a key role in delivering a net zero economy by 2050 by: decarbonising our investments, operations and supply chain to manage risks; investing in the growing sectors of the future to take advantage of the opportunities; and being a leading voice in calling for action and driving system change.

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Our operations

As a large employer we have a responsibility to lead by example, reducing our negative impact on the environment and promoting positive action to address key environmental challenges.

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Supply chain

Becoming a leading responsible business means that we are also committed to building a sustainable supply chain. This is why partnerships based on responsible business practices and sourcing are a priority.