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Providing a voice for our business and our customers in policy debate

Our approach

Our purpose of helping people secure a life of possibilities drives everything we do. 

As the UK's largest long term savings and retirement business, we represent our 12 million customers in political dialogue. Only by collaborating with government and policy makers can we create the system-wide change required to help everyone live better, longer lives. 

In conducting these engagements we're committed to behaving in an ethical, open and transparent manner. 

Our key policy issues

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Maximise our investments

We believe that to deliver the best investment returns for customers and have the biggest policyn imapct on society we must increase our ability to invest in sustainable, transition and productive assets. To do so we need the right regulatory framework and an enhanced pipeline of projects and companies to invest in. We believe this could transform the market to provide greater support for economic growth, levelling up and the transition to net zero.

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Improving finances in retirement

As people are living for longer, our vision is to help even more people on their journey to and through retirement, providing the right support at the right time. We look at how to increase savings levels sustainably, increase the impact of customers' existing assets and optimise decumulation.

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Drive good work for longer

Inclusive employment is at the core of our business. As part of this, we explore how to enable longer and more rewarding working lives. This includes exploring how we can enable re-entry to work for those who want it, how to keep older workers in work and how to help everyone progress through work.

Contact the Public Affairs team

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