Prioritising wellbeing at work

Health is precious

And with around a third of our lives spent working, we believe the world needs employers who believe colleague wellbeing is a priority. Organisations where care for the whole person is integrated into the very fabric of the company – from on-boarding, to hybrid working, to our culture, and to our benefits packages.

We feel this approach ensures people can bring their whole selves to work, give customers the best service possible and – most importantly – make the most of their home lives, at every life stage.

At Phoenix Group, we’re confident that health is fundamental to a fulfilling life and career and so we’ve made it central to our strategy. Our wellbeing programme promotes and supports colleagues’ mental, physical and financial wellbeing, both in and outside of the workplace. And it’s flexible, offering a range of solutions when colleagues’ personal circumstances or the world around us change.

Caring for colleagues’ mental wellbeing

We believe having a healthy mind is just as important as being physically fit. We strive to create a supportive wellbeing culture where everyone can talk openly about their mental health and improve our collective understanding. We also have a network of experienced Mental Health First Aiders, who are trained to listen, support and signpost to internal and external resources.

Mental Health First Aider
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Maintaining our physical wellbeing

In addition to private medical insurance cover and a digital GP service, we provide a varied programme of physical wellbeing activities, tools and resources. And we flex our offer to cover all stages of life. To support colleagues experiencing menopause symptoms, for example, the Phoenix wellbeing team offers regular menopause meet-ups, facilitated by Menopause Advocates who are there to listen, support, and connect colleagues with all relevant resources.

Promoting financial wellbeing at every stage

We also help colleagues better understand how they can manage their money, with free personalised financial coaching. And we listen with regular internal surveys, allowing us to flex our offer. We recently introduced a range of measures designed to help with the rising cost of living.

Team wellbeing is integral to everything we do

We want Phoenix to be the best place we’ve ever worked and so we’ve developed a holistic wellbeing approach built around five key objectives:

  1. Create a safe and healthy work environment which fosters a culture of positive wellbeing.
  2. Improve general wellbeing for our workforce, ensuring it’s seen as everyone's responsibility.
  3. Embed wellbeing as a central part of our strategic priorities for leaders and managers.
  4. To be identified as an employer of choice with a market leading wellbeing offering.
  5. Provide impactful wellbeing support based on the evolving needs of our colleagues.