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We’re really proud of our ten colleague networks

Each network is sponsored by members of the Executive Committee, demonstrating the importance placed on colleague empowerment, collaboration, and their role in promoting an inclusive place to work. The networks are open to everyone and are founded and run by colleagues, for colleagues.

Meet our networks

Armed Forces Core

Armed Forces

The Armed Forces Network exists to help provide support to those connected with the military at Phoenix, whilst also providing all of our colleagues the opportunity to give something back to the armed forces. Each year we support selected charities affiliated with the military, conducting fundraising and awareness events.

Balance Core


Promote an inclusive working environment with gender equality at all levels, creating conditions to: 

  • Attract a diverse pool of talent to the organisation 
  • Retain talent through all levels of the organisation
  • Help women to progress up through the organisation
Carers Core


Our Carers Network works to raise awareness, provide support for and make our carers visible in the workplace. Caring takes many forms whether it's a son or daughter with anorexia or autism, a sibling or partner that has suffered a stroke or a cancer diagnosis, or elderly parents with the challenges of end of life care. The Carer's Network works to support with the challenges these situations entail as well as helping Carers to find additional support they may need outside the organisation.

Enable Core


Enable, our disability network aims to drive positive change by raising disability awareness and increasing our colleagues' understanding of the barriers faced by those living and working with disabilities and/or long-term health conditions. 

Families Network

Families at Phoenix

The Families at Phoenix network is championing family friendly inclusive working for everyone, regardless of their gender or the makeup of their family. It's a supportive community of working parents, carers and colleagues with family commitments passionate about empowering colleagues to openly balance their family life with great careers



iBelieve is a community for all Phoenix colleagues who follow a faith or who are interested and curious about matters of faith and belief. We have a rich diversity of faith groups within Phoenix representing a number of different and often mutually exclusive beliefs, and we value these differing viewpoints.

Ignite Core


To be a force for change that enhances the colleague and customer experience. We'll accelerate the success of our organisation and create a feeling of collective identity and belonging. We aim to inspire and deliver new ideas and create opportunities for people to learn, grow and be at their best.

Mind Matters Core

Mind Matters

To raise awareness and promote understanding of mental health and break the stigma surrounding it. We provide a platform where colleagues can come together to support each other, share ideas and suggestions, and organise events to help educate and support all colleagues on mental health.

Mosaic Core


To bring the business closer together by enhancing our cultural awareness of our black and ethnic minority colleagues and supporting their development and career progression.



Evolve aims to support those in the early part of their career by providing development, networking and outreach opportunities. The network is open to everyone, as we aim to support those in the early part of their career with the help of those with more experience.

Affinity Core


The Pride network is here to support LGBT+ colleagues and Allies within Phoenix .By promoting and encouraging an inclusive workplace we aim to provide LGBT+ colleagues with the tools and support they need in order to truly be themselves in the workplace. Through networking, training, events and peer-to-peer support, as well as providing vital information and guidance to Allies with LGBT+ friends and family members, we can create a truly inclusive working environment.