Top 5 benefits of lifelong learning


Top 5 benefits of lifelong learning

Fostering learning throughout our lives is good for individuals, employers and the economy.

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As we’re now living, on average, longer than previous generations, we need to rethink the shape of these longer lives. We believe looking at life in multiple stages can lead to exciting opportunities that might not present themselves by approaching life in the traditional three stages of learn, work, retire. 

In order to support ourselves financially and remain in rewarding, fulfilling work, upskilling or retraining throughout your career is important to help navigate everchanging work environments and life stages. This allows us the opportunity to make changes to our careers when required and enables us to continue to save for the future we want.  

We also believe in the importance that employers play in offering developmental and learning opportunities to their workforce.  

See how our colleagues have approached learning and development to further their careers: 

Here are our top 5 benefits of lifelong learning: 

1. It enables you to stay in work and save for your future

Research shows that 30.5 million UK workers (94% of todays workforce) lack the full suite of skills they will require in 2030 to perform their jobs well. Developing your skills could give you more opportunity to be in a job that fits your needs. If you’re not in work, then it’s very difficult to save for your future and in particular, your retirement.

2. It opens up new career opportunities

Being able to access lifelong learning and upskill when needed matters for people’s own experience of work. Whether it’s developing your current role and career course, or changing careers altogether, taking on specific training to realise your ambitions can be crucial. 

3. It’s good for employers

While lifelong learning creates positive developmental opportunities for individuals, it’s also an important way for employers to get the best out of their staff. One in ten employers have a vacancy in a role with a skills shortage, nearly twice as many as was the case in 2017. Research shows that effective reskilling can raise productivity for employers of between 6 to 12%. 

4. It’s good for the economy 

We can see the benefits to individuals and businesses, but how does that equate to being good for the economy? The Confederation of British Industry (CBI) found that closing the UK skills gap through workplaces building news skills amongst their workforce could provide a £150bn uplift to the economy. 

5. It can support our wellbeing and life satisfaction

Lifelong learning has been shown to be one of the key building blocks that can improve wellbeing. Evidence shows that learning as an adult can lead to increases in wellbeing, resilience as well as mastery of new skills and knowledge.

How do we support our colleagues in learning and development? 

We really see the value in providing opportunities for our colleagues to learn and develop throughout their career with us and actively encourage internal mobility across the group. 

As part of our commitment to fostering lifelong learning we offer our colleagues the following: 

The gig exchange 

  • Gigs are a great way for colleagues to gain valuable experience and learn new skills by taking on short assignments across the business. 

Always on digital learning 

  • We have a digital content library of learning that colleagues can access as much as they want, whenever they want. 

Leadership development 

  • We understand that being a leader can require support, so we offer leadership training to help colleagues develop their skills to become brilliant leaders. 

Career advice 

  • We support great careers by educating colleagues on career planning, squiggly careers and managing career change. 

An encouraging learning environment 

  • We encourage our colleagues to be proactive when it comes to learning and development and promote social learning through being inquisitive, buddying up with other colleagues and by signing up to our mentorship programme.